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Well told, JJ. I can feel the weight of your arrival and its lifting as you go through what has come to be familiar and good. Having lived the through similar times, I appreciate your sharing, and know it isn't easy.

Good luck in the contest.



Wow. Nice to see that my experience wasn't solitary. Nothing beats hunting. I can't image my life without it. Beautiful.


Bravo. I can relate as well. Seems to be a common chord in those of us who have replied.

Good luck with the contest...this one is a contender!

Ken Hall

There's a line somewhere (Robert Traver?) about "solitude without loneliness". I think it was written about fishing but it applies here, too, and you captured it.

Owl Jones

Great post! I often fish alone and never feel lonely when I'm standing in the river, a part of the trout's world. ( whether he likes it or not! :) )


Hey Owl! Please don't make me choose who I love most-- trout or deer. Thanks for your comment. Fishing or hunting alone is never for me a lonely pursuit. Getting in the world is the whole idea, as you said....man it's so cold up here I may never soft water fish again.

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